• Suspension Training Belt Set

Name:Suspension Training Belt Set

Product Description

Suspension Training Belt Set

The Hanging training Strap delivers greater functionality and versatility than large, expensive machines.

 Perfect for group exercises classes, strength and flexibility training, general fitness or workout and rehabilitation therapy.

One Set included: 

1 X Round Door Anchor

1 X Connection strap

1 X Extender Strap

1 X Extender Strap

1 X Inner hexagon spanner

1 X Training Bracelet

1 X Mesh Carry Bag

1 X The User Manual

1 X Color Box

Indoor fixing door anchor

Outdoor fixing by loop and carbiner

Length adjustable main belt

2 individually adjustable arm belts

Sling trainer in mesh bag

For arm and leg training

Max capacity approx. 150kg

Handle with integrated foot loop with an inner fleece layer

Door anchor with high end carbine hook

Strengthened sewing on the part where both arm belts meet

Extra loops above the handles to keep length adjustment in place

Use for a variety of exercises such as tricep extensions, bicep curls, pec fly & squats

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