• Digital Hand Strength Dynamometer

Name:Digital Hand Strength Dynamometer

Product Description

Hand Strength Dynamometer

This is one of the most recently released products that can boast as a good match and

companion for gymnasts, tennis players, and rock climbers. The products also serve as

recuperating training devices for muscular injury as part of the physiotherapy with the

following special features:

1. High-precision power gauging gives momentary digital read-outs of gripping power.

2. Auto capturing of maximum achieved grip power and display of the value.

3. Assessment of results according to age and gender group.

4. Savingstorage and retrieval of results for different users.


1.Compare current record to the last one

2.Store grip power record

3.Measure hand grip power

4.Display grip power level

5.Store personal data

6.2 x 1.5V AAA batteries

7.Weight capacity: 90KG200LB

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