• Yoga Strap

Name:Yoga Strap

Product Description

Yoga Stretch Strap
Material: Polyester
VISUALIZE YOUR PROGRESS  - The individual numbered loops will help you see your progress in stretching. As opposed to the buckle straps, you don't have to stop and adjust the yoga strap for the different stretches.
ELASTICITY AND GREAT FLEXIBLE-  The Upgraded version, one side with good elasticity which can bring more function when you are doing same stretching in yoga class.  
FIT FOR BEGINNERS  - Stretch Strap helps you attain greater mobility and flexibility. It is a great way to start stretching and physical therapy if you never have done so before.
STRONG AND DURABLE  - It is made with premium grade cotton strap that will give you years of service without fraying or breaking. 2M length independent stretching loops which can help you target most muscles.

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